ET Disclosure Discussion Group – November

10/03/2022 @ 6:44 pm

We are meeting at Penrose Library again, which is downtown, in the “Penrose Aspen Room” meeting room which is fairly large. Directions to the room are at the end.

To start the discussions we always give anyone new a chance to express their experiences and views and receive feedback. We will then begin discussing the latest developments relating to free energy technology, developments relating to geopolitical factors accelerating disclosure, disclosure plans being discussed by whistleblowers, and also any recent UFO/ET events and experiences. As always, the spiritual implications of ET contact and communications will be a focus of discussion.

We will discuss our next CE-5 event for December ( We don’t post the CE-5 contact event directly on meetup since we want to ensure that we have a chance to meet and prepare everyone who will be attending.

This is a discussion group for people aware of the reality of UFO and specifically extraterrestrial visitation on Earth or those who are interested and open to the possibility that a large scale cover-up around the phenomenon may be real. Committed skeptics are encouraged to review at least 2 hours of Disclosure Project witness testimony before attending (

The goal of the group is to facilitate the process of our individual awakening to larger realities, and the continual rediscovery of what that actually means for each of us.

It is the viewpoint of the organizers of this group that the primary technique of awakening available to each of us is the humble acceptance of unconditional love increasingly into our lives and day to day thoughts. We believe that the awakening of love, forgiveness, and acceptance of ourselves and others within us, along with an orientation towards service to others, represents the most powerful personal resource available to us. A prerequisite of achieving this as well as achieving (positive) ET contact appears to be a dedication to a daily meditation, prayer, or contemplation practice which we highly encourage of all members who seek to seriously engage the ET issue with us.

By attending we agree to basic guidelines for discussion:
1. Show respect to everyone and give others fair time to speak
2. Avoid having side conversations when someone is talking
3. Acknowledge any hand signalling to help give others a chance to speak

The Penrose Aspen Room is in the farthest northeast corner of the main level. There is parking up on the street level and also free parking in a much larger lot around the back. If you park around back, there is an elevator that takes you to the main floor, and you would want to walk to the left where the big “Meet” sign is pointing. From the main east entrance, walk forward to the shelves and then go to your right, around the kids section, past the copy machine (and notice the big sign on the wall that says “Meet” with an arrow) it’s the third to the last door on your right.

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Date/Time 11/15/2016 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location Penrose Library
20 N Cascade Ave
Colorado Springs, CO


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