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I am a ‘little’ galactic aware which entails spiritualism, but I need much more time spent in learning on this subject.  The more I know, the more I find there is much more to learn.

The Phoenix Journals and The Urantia Book gives much knowledge on this subject.  HU-Man’s are in a soul advancement school and we have agreed, before birth, in the lessons to be learned here before we were birthed here.  There are also higher ascended beings that have agreed to contracts to help within, for the ascension of Earth/Gaia/Shan/Urantia.  Some beings that are more Service to Self oriented, is trying to stop the ascension.

The designer of this universe (Nebadon), working with Source/God, is Christ Michael of Nebadon/aka as Aton.  Through (private) experiences, I strongly believe this to be true.


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