Pendulum Insights With Helen

  Pendulum Insights With Helen Helen is a natural Empath, Psychic, Channeler, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Healer, Medium, and certified Reiki practitioner. She specializes in Akashic Records Readings using the Pendulum and the Tarot as tools to gain Divine Guidance from Spirit. She is able to receive feelings, insights, and pictures about the energies and messages that […]

Mental Health and Peace

Mental Health and Peace As a Transformational Life Coach, I help people unpack that excess emotional baggage from their life journey. We work with the subconscious to release the emotions of beliefs, fears, addictions, and deeply held traumatic experiences. I gently guide clients to re-frame emotional events/experiences that hold them back and keep them stuck. […]

Makooshla Holistic Health

I offer an integrated approach to health care that considers mind, body and spirit. Good health begins with a healthy diet and healthy beliefs, emotions and feelings. Many illnesses can be traced back to long term emotional issues or the wrong diet, and stress, anxiety, depression and emotional issues are often the result of belief […]

Royal Wealth Coaching (Barbara Royal)

Barbara‚Äôs Transformation Coaching, evolved from her drive to overcome childhood trauma, extreme depression, workplace stress and chronic illness. In her seeking, she found ways to not only help herself, but those who were ready to change their thinking to change their lives. Barbara listens with the ear of her heart to help clients find the […]


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