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    • ET Disclosure Discussion Group

      This is a group for people aware of the reality of UFO and specifically extraterrestrial visitation on Earth or those who are interested and open to the possibility that a large scale cover-up around the phenomenon may be real. Committed skeptics are encouraged to review at least 2 hours of Disclosure Project witness testimony before attending (www.youtube.com/user/csetiweb/videos).

      We plan to discuss issues related to the unraveling of the cover-up of this issue ("disclosure") and other interrelated issues ("exopolitics"), such as recent whistleblower testimony, suppressed technological discoveries, the possibility of disinformation campaigns affecting us, geopolitical events that play a role in the control or evolution of mass consciousness, and any spiritual topics that relate to intelligence gathered from ET sources (gathered by reputable groups like CSETI, L/L Research, and others.)

      We will also discuss personal experiences related to UFO or ET phenomenon, the procedures of modern ET contact as pioneered by Dr. Steven Greer and CSETI (cseti.org), and possibly plan future local "CE5" activities (new.cseti.org/ce5initiative.html).

      The goal of the group is to facilitate the process of our individual awakening to larger realities, and the continual rediscovery of what that actually means for each of us.

      It is the viewpoint of the organizers of this group that the primary technique of awakening available to each of us is the humble acceptance of unconditional love increasingly into our lives and day to day thoughts. We believe that the awakening of love, forgiveness, and acceptance of ourselves and others within us, along with an orientation towards service to others, represents the most powerful personal resource available to us. A prerequisite of achieving this as well as achieving (positive) ET contact appears to be a dedication to a daily meditation, prayer, or contemplation practice which we highly encourage of all members who seek to seriously engage the ET issue with us.

      We do not charge or ask for money for any of our events. Active duty personnel are not expected to RSVP when attending. We recognize the critical nature of our present crossroads.

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      Mike W 6 years, 3 months ago

    • Fully Charged

      This group cares about all aspects of health: body, mind, spirit. Our body/mind/spirit is a complex system of systems. Each individual system affects all the others. So when we talk about good health we have to think about the whole system and not just one part of it. To be Fully Charged means we are operating at our peak and that means all the integrated parts of our body/mind/spirit system are operating at their individual peak. In this group we talk about high vibration diets, healthy belief systems, strategies and tips for surviving a 3rd density reality, energy healing, the positive healing path and so much more…

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    • Universal Metaphysics Meetup Group

      "Meta" means "beyond," thus metaphysical is literally “beyond the physical.” The science of that which is beyond energy, matter, motion and force. Being metaphysical is about finding your “truth" and getting in touch with spirit… your soul… what makes you, you. It’s finding true bliss by enjoying a spiritually-based career and life experience. It's about discovering why you are here and living the life you are currently living. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Hindu, Buddhist, or any other of the world's great religions. Metaphysics is a spiritual philosophy of life that helps you more fully comprehend your chosen religion and enhances your religious experience, whatever that might be!

      Our meetings and workshops are centered on various metaphysical topics, such as natural healing, universal laws, psychic development, astrology, numerology, archangels and ascended masters, dream interpretation, and more. Many of our instructors are professional metaphysicians! It is a great place to meet others of like mind and spirit. Join us on your spiritual journey and bring your knowledge and experience in all things divine to share with our group. If this is all new to you, that's why we're here! We're sure you'll find plenty to interest you and look forward to meeting you soon!

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