Jane Terese, Personal Enrichment Developer

Website: http://www.sites.google.com/view/jane-terese-ped | Phone: 719-351-2426 | Email: janeterese.ped@gmail.com

Jane Terese, Personal Enrichment Developer

Jane Terese, as an Empath, believes in building each individual’s self-empowerment and wellness through compassion and spirituality. As a certified Reiki practitioner and Intuitive Healer, Jane invites you to balance and strengthen YOUR body’s energy and chakra centers, promoting your own body’s ability to heal through an Usui Tibetan Reiki session. A continuing student of Life, Jane Terese, is furthering her bio-energy therapy knowledge with Healing Touch and has currently completed Level 1 & 2. Jane incorporates these scientifically proven techniques during sessions with her Clairsentient and Psychic abilities giving you a truly transformative experience. Jane Terese’s Claircognizant abilities assist you in any reading or charts you may be interested in receiving. Numerology charts and readings reference the Universal vibrational influences assigned to you from the moment of your birth. Spirit guides the Animal Spirit Readings or Totem Rituals through animal behaviors to assist you in this Life path. Jane Terese’s deepest wish is each person fully live in the present and Treasure Every Moment.


Service provided for Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado areas.

Location & Directions: 80921


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